New version published June 2016


The Arduino microcontroller is a wildly popular, low-cost, and easy-to-use computer that opens endless possibilities for creating electronics. It’s a great way for anyone to learn about the magic of electronics, hands-on, and it’s caught the STEM wave, big time.

Arduino Project Handbook (No Starch Press, $24.95, 272 pp., July 2016) is a collection of 25 step-by-step projects for anyone to build with the Arduino. Clear instructions, full-color images, simple circuit diagrams, and the complete code make it easy for even the newest makers to build fun projects right away.

Author Mark Geddes, a lifelong tinkerer and gadget enthusiast, originally designed and self-published this book to teach his kid the joys of electronics and microcontrollers without having to wade through a hundred pages of theory first. According to Geddes, “Too many books require prior knowledge of either the Arduino, electronics, or coding.” Geddes adds that “I’ve taken things back to the basics. These projects are fun, interesting, and quick to pick up, while still keeping it practical.”

This beautiful, four-color book is designed for those who want to build interesting things with the Arduino but don’t want to spend a lot of time digging deep into electronics. The book’s projects progress in difficulty throughout the book and include:

  •  Simon-style arcade memory game
  • Fortune telling 8-ball simulator
  • Laser tripwire alarm
  • Electromagnetic card entry system
  • Rainbow light display and disco strobe lights
  • Music maker

The Arduino Project Handbook is designed to give people a way to start making fun stuff and playing with hardware, without the fuss. As No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock says, “Everyone has the ability to learn. Our challenge is to figure out the best way to teach.”

Arduino Project Handbook will be in fine bookstores everywhere this July.

Go to the No Starch Press Arduino Project Handbook page for more information and to download the sketches for this version of the book.

The Original Version (no longer available):

Arduino Project Handbook Title page

This version is now OUT OF PRINT, the New Version published by No Starch Press is now available to Buy here.  

What is the Arduino™ Project Handbook?

It’s a full colour reference book for 45 exciting and practical projects for the Arduino™ Microcontroller

creative guide

If you are reading this then you probably already have an idea of what the Arduino™ is, for those that don’t it’s an inexpensive small computer that can be programmed to control endless creations limited only by your imagination.  It’s used by artists and makers to bring their creations to life.

A lie detector, programmable rocket launcher, motion sensor alarm, reaction timer, electronic dice, keypad entry system, laser trip wire alarm, robot, Wireless ID card system, range finder and defusable bomb game are just some of the cool projects that this book will demonstrate how to build.  All are easily achievable and have one thing in common – they use the power of the Arduino™.

Memory game arduino project Arduino Ghost detector

The book is a handy A5 in size featuring 188 full colour pages.  It is professionally printed, bound and sealed with a gloss finish on each page.  The content includes 45 projects to make with images, schematics, code and ideas for how to use the circuit in other projects.

 Lie detector project Decode a remote control

The original campaign details are here:

This website has all of the code listed in the book for you to copy and paste into the Arduino IDE.  Go to the corresponding page for the project and copy only the text within the grey box – there is an issue with listing code in wordpress sites that means rogue HTML code can be included and the code will not compile properly.  When inserting into the Arduino IDE  paste as plain text to avoid errors.

You will also need to install libraries for certain projects – check the section of the book and the corresponding section of this site: libraries

5 LED bargraph     electronic dice project

keypad      Joystick controlled laser project