Parts List

Here’s a complete run down on the items you will need to complete the projects in the Arduino Project Handbook. The most important part is your Arduino board and in this case all the projects use the Arduino Uno R3 version. As mentioned before only the official boards are named Arduino but there are other compatible boards available such as versions by SlicMicro, Sainsmart and Adafruit.

A list of official suppliers is available at

You can buy each item individually from the stockists below but I would also suggest buying an electronics hobby starter kit or arduino kit. There are many more on Ebay if you search for ‘Arduino kit’.

1 Arduino Uno Revision 3 (or compatible)

1 9v Battery pack with 2.1mm jack
2 Breadboard, 1xFull size, 1xHalf size
50 Jumper wires
30 220 / 470 ohm Resistors
1 10k ohm Resistor
1 1m ohm Resistor
10 5mm LEDs Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
1 50k Potentiometer
4 Momentary Tactile Push Button
1 RGB LED (Common cathode)
1 HL-69 Soil Hygrometer moisture sensor
1 Piezo sounder
1 3.5mm Ear phone socket
1 MQ-2 Gas sensor module (optional)
2 Tower Pro SG90 9g Servo Motor
1 Photo resistor (light resistor)
1 Analogue 5pin 2 axis joystick module
1 Tilt pan housing
1 5V Unipolar Stepper Step Motor
1 ULN2003 Driver Board
2 TIP120 Transistor

1 4 pin Ultrasonic Range sensor HC-SR04
1 4×4 Membrane Keypad
1 3×4 Membrane Keypad
1 7 Segment LED common cathode
1 4 Digit, 7 Segment serial display
1 4 Digit, 7 Segment LED
1 LM35 Temperature Sensor
1 DHT11 Humidity Sensor
1 HD44780 16×2 LCD screen
1 Tilt switch
1 Nokia 5110 LCD screen
1 8×8 Bi colour LED Matrix
1 8×8 RGB Colour Matrix
1 Colorduino Module
1 Infra Red (IR) Sensor
1 Infra Red (IR) LED
1 PIR Sensor
1 Mifare RFID RC-522 Card reader
1 Mifare RFID card and fob
4 74HC595 shift register
2 DC motor with wheels
2 1N4004 Diode

Some stockists (more to follow):

United Kingdom


United States


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