The Evolution of Arduino Project Handbook

It’s now 3 months since Arduino Project Handbook was published and the level of orders and interest has been simply amazing. The book has shipped to over 35 countries far and wide such as United States, Russia, Australia and Brazil.  It seems that I was not the only one who wanted a colourful and stimulating Arduino project book.

The book came about by accident when I wanted to find an Arduino book to introduce electronics and making to my son – what I had in mind just didn’t exist so I decided to do one myself.

Here are some of the early ideas for the cover of the book:

Arduino project handbook white coverArduino project handbook purple coverarduino project handbook black coverarduino project handbook orangearduino project handbook Red coverFinal design for arduino project handbook

I chose the blue cover in the end as it seemed to work best but with other volumes planned, some of the others may still see the light of day!

Volume 2 is progressing so I will hopefully post an update with some sample pages soon.

Mark Geddes, October 2014


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