Five Star reviews on Amazon…

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Some nice reviews on Amazon for Arduino Project Handbook:

Want to build electronic “gizmos” based on Arduino – this book should be top of your list!
By Lindsay Reid on 5 July 2014
Format: Paperback
This book was written by someone with a love for building devices based on the Arduino boards – the author wanted to share his passion rather than rip people off with a “me too” type book to make a fast buck.

The book is very well laid out with hundreds of full colour pictures, diagrams and layouts. Each device used is examined and the author explains what it does and why. The code for the projects is available to download so you don’t need to laboriously copy listings from the book.

The book was originally funded by “crowd funding” from like minded Arduino fans and the success of this first volume has encouraged the author to write a second more adventurous/complicated second volume.

If you want to start building gizmos based on the wide range of Arduino boards and “shields” then this book whould be your first purchase. Even accomplished Arduino fans will find something useful! – Highly recommended.

A must for ZX Spectrum generation that now tinker with Arduino’s!, 23 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Arduino Project Handbook: Volume one: Complete Guide to Creating with the Arduino (Paperback)
I like this book, I already had a few books on the Arduino / PI and had made good progress with some projects. What made this a must by was, it was started by crowd funding, its crammed with projects and like the author I had a ZX Spectrum and had thought of writing my own book so had to show my support by getting a copy…unlike all those programs you’d have typed into your Spectrum the code in this book works!

I’d recommend getting this book and once you’ve worked through it and got a nice stock of components think about your next projects and get a more specific book for that idea. This book gives you the base you need to then explore more complex areas.

Roll on volume 2… maybe with some projects from inspired readers and crowd funding of a little starter kit of components…

Wish this book had come out six months ago
By Mr. S. K. Webb on 6 Sep 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This is the best book I have purchased about Arduino well written can buy all the parts in the UK. Clear explanation of components all colour pages different projects than other books.Roll on volume 2. Ordered directly from Mark on Thursday afternoon arrived Friday morning. Great value to most other Arduino books

You can browse pages of the book and buy a copy here


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