Arduino Project Handbook Volume Two

Arduino project handbook v2Gatling gun sentry project

I’m delighted to announce that Arduino Project handbook Volume Two is currently being written with 3 new projects already completed.  I’m hopeful that the book will be ready for publishing in the first quarter of 2015.  Keep an eye here for more progress.

Bit of a blur…

I can’t quite believe that it’s almost 2 months since Arduino Project Handbook was published.

The period between the end of my Indiegogo funding campaign and actual production of the book was a bit of a blur and it’s only now that I can reflect on that exciting time.

A ton of books…

Delivery of my books came on 2 pallets from the printers with a total weight of 1 tonne!  It was quite a challenge getting the first pallet into the distribution centre (garage) but with the delivery driver’s help we managed.  The second pallet was a different story, it was almost twice the size and we couldn’t even get it onto the pavement (sidewalk for US readers).  I thanked the driver for his help and proceeded to move 60 boxes of books one at a time into the distribution centre (rapidly filling garage).

Cover page Cover Actual Book

Magical moment…

Next came that once in a lifetime moment when I went to open a box and look at the completed book for the first time.  To say I was nervous/excited/sick was an understatement – I savoured that moment for quite a while.  Thankfully when I picked up the first book it was just as I had envisaged.  The look and feel were really important to me, not only did I want a book that had great content, it also needed to look and feel good (it has a matt finish on the cover for a more luxurious feel).  I even think it smells good but that might be a bit weird.

Increasing shares…

Labelling and packing over 200 books came next and luckily the weather was decent so I could do it in the sunshine, not the most riveting task in the world but the sense of achievement looking at the vast piles of bubble wrapped envelopes was great.  Next came the trip to the post office with the first batch to go out.  Almost 2 hours later with proof of postage for every single package and an empty wallet, the first were on their way around the world.  This was repeated twice more the next day, I believe shares in Royal Mail increased that day….


Over the next few days and weeks it was great to see the response from those receiving their books through the Indiegogo site and Twitter.  On that note my Twitter followers reached 1,000 earlier today

number 1 robotics

Best Seller on Amazon…

The book reached Best Seller status on Amazon in it’s category in mid July.

You can still get volume one here

More to follow…


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