No1 Best Seller on Amazon

The Arduino Project Handbook was published one month ago and I was delighted and amazed that the book reached number one best seller in it’s category on Amazon last week.  It’s been up and down in the top 10 since then and currently sits at number 2.

Amazon ranking for book

This got me thinking back to my Indiegogo campaign and how the awareness crept up as the days went by.  I had listed the book under education as I felt that was a better fit than technology and to begin with the book featured 89th in the Indiegogo listings.  I discovered that each campaign had its own ‘gogo factor’ based on the number of pledges, page views and shares.  After a lot of tweeting sharing and promotion, my campaign reached no.1 in Education and was officially ‘trending’.

Arduino Project Handbook trending on Indiegogo

Ranking on various sites seems to be a dark art so I don’t suppose we will fully understand how this works but with a bit of perseverance anything is achievable.

The book is available on Amazon UK shipping worldwide.



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