Creative Imagination

creative imagination

The idea behind the Arduino Project Handbook was to create a selection of fun projects that would spark your imagination to create more with the Arduino and give you the know how to create your own gadgets.

Ever thought about creating something then thinking, how do I do that? This book will hopefully go some way in helping – by giving you the technical know how, you can focus on the creative design element.

All of the projects in this book could have cool housing, boxes or features that you can design yourself. If you want to create an intruder tracker, you can use the circuit in this book but the same circuit could also trigger a camera or shoot a rubber band.

The idea is that the function of the circuit can release your imagination as to how to use it in a practical way. Think of it as a plug and play creative start.

This handbook is aimed at being practical so you can reference the pin connections and replicate when needed in a different project. You can also combine the projects together to make more complicated and interesting gadgets.

A lot of Arduino books focus on the programming element and this is great but I think there is a place for plug and play electronics – by following the steps in the projects you will learn as you go.

Throughout the book there are ‘instructional’ sections that introduce a new component or process for the ‘projects’ that follow. I’ve tried to put them in a logical order but you can really dive in at any stage of the book.

The mood light project can be used to create a light pal or how about a relaxing bath cube? With the dimmable light project you could create a cool enclosure and add quite a few in series so that you have a proper light dimmer – maybe for an aquarium? With the remote control servo, the possibilities are endless.

Go on let your imagination loose!!



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