Arduino Project Handbook Production Underway


Final printing checks have been completed and the book is now in full production.  

Here’s a quick update on the binding process and info on the PUR perfect bind that the book will now have:  

A key reason PUR adhesive is often the preferred choice is due to its excellent flexibility and ‘lay-flat’ qualities. The benefits here are two fold. Firstly, due to PUR requiring a smaller layer of adhesive when compared to perfect binding, it allows even the thinnest of books to maintain a square and rigid spine. Secondly, when applied to standard thickness, PUR glue affords considerably more flexibility and pliability than EVA, which allows books to demonstrate lie flat characteristics. This in turn minimises any spine cracking when the finished product is ‘flattened’ out for reading.

One downside is the process adds a few extra days to allow the glue to dry fully but I still hope to have the books within 10 days and will ship from then.

Lots of companies have been in touch regarding stocking the book and also putting together kits so keep an eye out for these.  I will add links to this site as I go.

ISBN for the book is: 978-0-9929526-0-0 which should appear on listings soon.



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